AJ Buildings Library: Subscription Options

AJ Subscribers

The AJ Buildings Library is available as a subscription benefit to AJ subscribers. If you have activated your online subscription on TheAJ.co.uk, you can use the same credentials to create an account for AJBL.

If you have not activated your subscription on the AJ website you will need to do so to access the AJ Buildings Library.

Not an Architects’ Journal subscriber?

Choose one of these options:

Subscribe today for immediate access to AJ Buildings Library, TheAJ.co.uk and The Architects’ Journal magazine.
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For all queries regarding access to AJ online, please email our Online Help Desk at customerservices@ArchitectsJournal.co.uk

Corporate subscriptions for practices requiring access for multiple users and academic license are available on request.

For all pricing and subscription enquires or to arrange a demonstration of the AJ Buildings Library please contact James MacLeod (james.macleod@emap.com) on 0207 728 4582.

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